How to ensure smooth processing of remote working in organizations?

It’s 2023 already and HRs are looking for new ways to make workplaces more efficient and to make employees stay longer. After the pandemic period in 2020, many organizations has made remote working an option. Employees are now searching for jobs that can be done at the comfort of their homes. The concept of being “in-office” appears to be a thing of the past in this ever-changing world, as virtual workspaces become more popular. With much of the world’s workforce demanding Hybrid, Flexible, and Remote working models from their employers, businesses have begun to accept the reality of a flexible working model, with some versions of Hybrid, Remote, and Flexible models in use.

remote working in organizations

Employees wants flexibility

Workers today expect flexibility. Millennials want the freedom to work and travel, whereas a parent with three children may prefer to work from home twice a week. Remote work allows people to have a proper work-life balance.

Employers benefit from this flexibility as well. Companies save money on in-house facilities and internet costs when employees work remotely. Employees who work on their own terms are happier and more likely to stay with a company.

Increase in productivity

Some people, believe it or not, find working remotely more productive. Commuting, for example, can add stress to people these days; working from home can alleviate this feeling. At work, there are also numerous distractions that impede productivity. These include gossip, impromptu meetings, and background music.

Remote workers worked 9.5% longer and were 13% more productive in an experiment conducted by Nicholas Bloom. Increased sales can also be attributed to more productive employees. This remote, productivity dream can become a reality by utilising the best technology and having a plan in place.

Evolving technology

As the internet grows to dominate our lives, so does the backbone that enables a remote workforce. As more individuals have access to high-speed internet, it opens the door to larger technical advancements that affect how we operate.

In other words, work is being completed online at an increasing rate. Dropbox/Box is used to store files. Zoom is used for internet meetings. Slack is where work banter happens.

How to make your organizations remote-friendly?

Make sure that your employees have everything

The proper setup is essential for success as a remote team! Ensuring that all of your staff have the necessary tools ensures that they can accomplish their tasks properly. For example, without suitable cameras, your staff will be unable to participate in virtual meetings. Verify that everyone has the necessary equipment and consider lending it to employees who do not.

Make use of Collaborative Platforms

Collaboration is essential for any team, and remote teams are no exception. Your team won’t have to download and share millions of copies of the same document if you use collaborative solutions. Working on a collaborative platform also means that everyone has access to the most up-to-date version of all work.

Create a list of roles and responsibilities

Outline who is responsible for what before beginning any large tasks. This will not only promote accountability, but it will also ensure that no one steps on anybody else’s toes. Furthermore, by knowing what they need to do, your personnel will be able to take the most appropriate measures. Most importantly, it ensures that nothing is overlooked and that all tasks are performed.

Track your employees time

 It’s impossible to know what your staff are working on and for how long if you can’t see them. Understanding how much time your staff devote to projects is critical for billing and administration. Using automatic time tracking is an excellent solution to this problem. Also, it aids to promote employee accountability.

Switch to an HR software

HR managers and organizations have started to implement HR softwares to make their work more organized and systematic. In this era of increased flexible working schedule, an HR software like DOTS HR, can help HR managers track, assign and manage tasks and duties to the employees from anywhere they work. HR softwares can help to get rid of manual duties and makes every processes of an HR manager easy with a click.

What can DOTS HR do?

  • Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Time-off
  • HR on the go

Why DOTS HR is the best HR software?

HR software is in high demand because of the benefits it can provide to HR managers and organizations. HR software may simplify and optimise HR activities, reducing the amount of manual labour required in an organisation. DOTS HR is HR software created specifically for GCC nations to make companies more productive and organised. Employee administration is simplified with a single click in DOTS HR. DOTS has proved to establish a dynamic and dependable workplace and management system through services such as timely payroll, personnel management, and attendance.

If you’re seeking for HR software to improve your staff management system, schedule a free trial now!


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