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hr payroll software in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
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Organically grown over a decade resulting in a system that is robust and bug-free

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Select modules that suit your requirements. You won't be paying for unwanted modules

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Configure policies, calculations on your own. Scalable to accommodate unique business needs


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DOTS HR Software is a cloud-based HR software solution which has been thoughtfully designed with MENA countries in mind. We have built an enviable reputation as one of the very best HR software solutions having successfully assisted more than 1,000 companies implement our top-tier platform.
Carefully crafted to eliminate manual operations, reduce time-consuming tasks, improve the accuracy of the information, provide detailed reports and run payroll; DOTS HR offers dramatic improvements across the HR function of any organisation.
Beautifully designed, sophisticated in function and intuitive to use; the DOTS HR Software experience allows for seamless and efficient management of all HR Duties within a few clicks.
Professional in attitude and friendly in approach our expert team provide a pleasurable experience from first contact through to a long-term relationship with outstanding customer service being our hallmark.
Please allow us to welcome you to the world of DOTS HR Software automation today.

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hr payroll software in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

HR Payroll Software in UAE Dubai


Multiplatform Support

Cross-platform HR Software solution that works well with desktops like Apple’s macOS & Windows, as well as mobile platforms like Android, & iOS

Click on the icon of your OS to go to download page


Well Thought Out Functionality

HR Payroll Software in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

Biometric integration to capture employee attendance. Pre-plan duty roster on a weekly/monthly basis. Generate overtime, undertime, absence, late arrival.

HR Payroll

Whether running a single facility or a multi-site, multi-state operation with multiple user-defined deductions, the DOTS Payroll Software module can meet your processing and reporting needs. Produce salary sheet, payslip, bank file for salary transfer by department, location, or company. Auto generates provisions for gratuity, annual leave, social security, air ticket, etc.

Hr payroll software in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar
Hr payroll software in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia


Want to make an approval while you are out of the office? Use DOTS mobile app for easy approvals, viewing personnel data or placing requests.

Time Off

Say goodbye to old paper leave forms. DOTS HR Software’s online leave application form will allow employees to place requests from anywhere. Managers can view the request anytime and make approvals.

Hr payroll software In UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar

24/7 WhatsApp HR bot for instant assistance

  • 24/7 HR assistance via WhatsApp.
  • Plain language communication.
  • Task automation tailored to user preferences.
Hr Software

Introducing Our Latest Instauration: The Dots LIDAR Sensor

  • High-resolution scanning capability.
  • Advanced detection capabilities.
  • Automation of data capture.


Employee records are the lifeblood of your HR department, DOTS being known as the Best HRMS System can easily facilitate your administration processes.

Our platform enables you to manage personnel positions, job tasks, and work locations more effectively.

Managing dependant information is important and DOTS HR helps you to never lose sight of it.

Document management and updating are essential. DOTS HR comes with a document management system that includes automated expiry notifications.

DOTS HR’s eSignature features allow you to expedite your document signing procedures.

Offer competitive compensation packages and benefits to your employees with ease.

Leave management to be vital for keeping a productive staff. DOTS HR makes the process easier by allowing employees to submit leave requests online, which managers can quickly accept or reject

With DOTS HR’s Employee Self-Service platform, your workers can take responsibility for their HR activities.

It’s never been easier to create HR letters. DOTS HR offers templates and automation to help you easily write HR letters.

Employee development is essential to success. DOTS HR is an HR management solution that allows you to define objectives, conduct appraisals, and provide constructive comments.

Employee onboarding is the first step toward a successful career. DOTS HR streamlines this procedure, ensuring that new staff is effectively absorbed into your organization.

The legal criteria for end-of-service rewards in Dubai might be complicated. DOTS HR keeps you compliant by automatically calculating and handling your workers’ end-of-service benefits.

With DOTS payroll system, easily manage and automate the calculation of various employee additions and deductions, such as bonuses, incentives, and deductions for taxes or benefits.

Efficiently handle employee loans and advances, including tracking, repayment schedules, and interest calculations with the best HR payroll service.

With DOTS, track and calculate overtime hours, ensuring accurate compensation for employees who work beyond regular hours.

Process unscheduled payrolls, such as bonus payouts or corrections, without disrupting your regular payroll cycle.

Seamlessly integrate employee timesheets into the payroll system, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors.

Manage payroll for employees across multiple locations, accommodating regional variations and compliance requirements.

If your organisation has multiple subsidiaries or entities, Dots HR can handle payroll for all of them within a single system.

Automatically generate and email digital pay slips to employees, making the distribution of pay information convenient and eco-friendly.

Ensure compliance with wage protection regulations, especially in regions where WPS is mandatory, by easily generating reports and documents.

Streamline the process of settling employee leave balances, whether through payouts or carry-overs, with Dots HR’s automated functionality.

For businesses with project-based work, track employee time and costs associated with specific projects, facilitating accurate billing and costing.

Implement a secure approval workflow to review and authorize payroll transactions, enhancing control and compliance within your organization.

Automate the calculation and processing of final settlements for departing employees, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy.

DOTS Faces, a new addition to our attendance software helps organizations to recognize, store, and secure employee attendance with AI technology. 

UAE is home to companies that operate on all kinds of schedules. DOTS HR acknowledges this and offers support for numerous shifts, allowing organizations to develop and manage diverse work plans.

Effective attendance management requires planning.  DOTS HR has a duty roster tool that allows organizations to set personnel schedules on a weekly or monthly basis. 

For enterprises with diverse work schedules, the ability to create weekly and daily shifts is important.  DOTS HR gives you the ability to design and manage shifts on a daily or weekly basis, ensuring that employees working hours are accurately recorded.

Monitoring absenteeism is a top priority in every organization. DOTS HR’s absentee list function makes this process easier. It provides a clear picture of absent staff members, allowing HR teams and management to address the problem as soon as possible

Punctuality is a sign of a well-organized staff. The latecomer’s report function in DOTS HR assists in identifying employees who arrive late for their shifts.

The early leavers report is quite useful for spotting employees who leave their shifts too early. This enables organisations to enforce attendance standards while minimising operational disruptions.

Tardiness can be a major issue in many workplaces. The late report feature in DOTS HR provides a complete summary of tardy events, allowing firms to address this issue through coaching, training, or policy changes.

Mistakes do happen in the world of attendance management. The attendance corrections feature in DOTS HR allows HR staff to make necessary changes to attendance records.

Overtime has a significant impact on payroll costs. DOTS HR automates overtime reporting, allowing businesses to track and manage overtime hours.

A structured approval process is frequently required for effective attendance management. DOTS HR makes this process more efficient by allowing supervisors and HR personnel to review and approve attendance data.

Access to comprehensive attendance summaries is essential for making informed decisions. DOTS HR offers detailed attendance summaries that provide insights into attendance trends and patterns.

Payroll processing is inseparable from attendance data. DOTS HR integrates with payroll systems seamlessly, ensuring that attendance data is correctly reflected in payroll calculations.

DOTS HR uses biometric integration to capture employee attendance with unrivalled accuracy.


Choose From Our Plans

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· Monthly/Yearly Billing
· No huge inital capital
· Access from anywhere
· Start using from day one
· Your company branding

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· One-time license cost
· Traditional software deployment
· Customize business needs
· Scalable
· Own server management

What our Clients Say

Anand Jambunathan Director, Dynamics Solutions LLC
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I want to convey my profound gratitude and respect for the ongoing business collaboration we have with DND Solutions. Right from the inception of our partnership, it became apparent that DND Solutions wasn't merely seeking a transactional engagement; rather, they were wholeheartedly dedicated to forging a strategic and mutually advantageous alliance. Furthermore, our partnership has been characterized by outstanding communication and transparency. DND Solutions consistently upheld an open and proactive channel of communication, ensuring that we were constantly kept in the loop regarding developments, obstacles, and prospects. Their exceptional expertise, unwavering dedication, and resolute commitment to delivering outstanding outcomes have unquestionably turned this partnership into a resounding success.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have more than 1000+ Clients, and we are relevant All over GCC.

Available 60+ types of reports including

Active Employees
Adhoc Entry Report
Advance Leave Salary Statement
Air Fare Due Report
Air Ticket Ledger
Air Ticket Register
Airfare Availment Report
Annual Leave Balance As On Date
Annual Leave Ledger
Annual Leave Register
Approved Requests
Attrition Report
Bank Wise Salary Report
Benefit untagged Employees Report
Birth Day List
Birthday Calendar
Cash Salary report
Comp Off Ledger
Comp Off Register
Document Expiry
Document Movement Report
Document untagged Employees Report
Educational Claim Register
Email Details Report
Employee Asset Details Report
Employee Dependent Details Report
Employee Head Count Report
Employee Pay Report
Employee Service Period Report
Employee Training Report
Employee Wise Air Ticket Report
Employee Wise OT Report
Final Settlement Register
Gratuity Ledger
Gratuity Register
Leave Salary Encashment Report
List Employee Separation
Loan Advance Register
New Joiners
Non WPS File generation for Pension
Off Cycle Report
Outstanding Loan Report
Overtime Report
Payroll Variance Report
Pending AL Salary Processing
Probation End Report
Salary Hold Report
salary Reconciliation Report
Salary Revision Report
Salary Statement
Salary Statement Extended
Social Security Ledger
Social Security Register
Staff Qualification Report
Ticket Eligibility Report
Vacation Overstay Report
Yearly Annual Leave Balance Report
Approved Requests
Leave Report
Pending Approval Report
Rejected Application Report
Employee Cancelled Request Report
Cancelled Approved Requests
Employee Wise Process List
Approval Flow Report


Yes,  You can download Play store and App store

All employee-related information can be captured in the employee master

All employee-related information can be captured in the employee master

Yes. we can revise salary multiple ways

All employees can request leave.

DOTS HR Software stands out as the premier cloud-based HR solution in specially designed for optimal performance in the MENA region. With over 1,000 successful implementations, it encompasses HR software, attendance software, payroll software, and project costing software.

DOTS HR Software is engineered to automate and streamline HR operations. Featuring HR software, attendance software, payroll software, and project costing software, it eliminates manual tasks, enhances data accuracy, and ensures seamless HR management within a few clicks.

DOTS HR Software offers a robust HRMS focusing on HR software, attendance software, payroll software, and project costing software. The user-friendly interface facilitates an intuitive HR management experience, aligning perfectly with the unique needs of businesses.

DOTS HR Software is a pivotal HR Solution providing a comprehensive suite of HR software, attendance software, payroll software, and project costing software. Its cloud-based platform ensures data accuracy, detailed reporting, and efficient HR processes.

DOTS HR Software boasts an elegantly designed and user-friendly interface, optimizing the HR Solution experience. The sophisticated design ensures an efficient and seamless management process for HR software, attendance software, payroll software, and project costing software

DOTS HR Software’s expert team offers professional and friendly customer service, creating a positive experience from the initial contact to building long-term relationships. Outstanding customer service is a hallmark, ensuring effective support for HRMS.

To embark on the automation journey with DOTS HR Software and enhance your HR Solution, contact our team today. Experience the transformative power of our HR software, attendance software, payroll software, and project costing software.


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Hr payroll software UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar


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