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With DOTS HR’s attendance feature, it is just another easy and hassle-free way to manage, record, and track employee records in one place. There will be no errors or missing with the most reliable Attendance software. 

How does DOTS HR provide the Best Attendance Solutions?

DOTS HR stands as the Best attendance management system with our combination of precision, flexibility, real-time insights, industry adaptability, overtime management, and biometric integration. In a city known for its relentless pursuit of excellence, DOTS HR empowers companies with the best time and attendance system they need to optimize attendance management, maintain payroll accuracy, and thrive in Dubai’s ever-growing business landscape. 


How can our attendance HR software help companies?

AI-powered face attendance

DOTS Faces, a new addition to our attendance software helps organizations to recognize, store, and secure employee attendance with AI technology. DOTS Faces is now a new addition to replace the widespread finger biometric-based attendance management in organizations. Experience the future of attendance management with DOTS Faces.

Multiple Shifts

Companies that operate on all kinds of schedules. DOTS HR acknowledges this and offers support for numerous shifts, allowing organizations to develop and manage diverse work plans. This feature guarantees that attendance tracking is suitable to the certain demands of your organization, whether it operates on traditional 9-to-5 shifts or around the clock.

Duty Roster

Effective attendance management requires planning.  DOTS HR has a duty roster tool that allows organizations to set personnel schedules on a weekly or monthly basis. This helps in foreseeing personnel demands, properly aligning resources, and minimizing schedule conflicts. With the task roster at the ready, you can optimize the employees and guarantee that your business runs effectively.

Weekly/Daily Shifts

For enterprises with diverse work schedules, the ability to create weekly and daily shifts is important.  DOTS HR gives you the ability to design and manage shifts on a daily or weekly basis, ensuring that employees working hours are accurately recorded. This adaptability is especially advantageous for organizations in the various workforce requirements.

Absentee List

Monitoring absenteeism is a top priority in every organization. DOTS HR’s absentee list function makes this process easier. It provides a clear picture of absent staff members, allowing HR teams and management to address the problem as soon as possible. This proactive strategy is required to keep a productive staff.

Tardy Report

Tardiness can be a major issue in many workplaces. The late report feature in DOTS HR provides a complete summary of tardy events, allowing firms to address this issue through coaching, training, or policy changes.

Attendance Corrections

Mistakes do happen in the world of attendance management. The attendance corrections feature in DOTS HR allows HR staff to make necessary changes to attendance records. This ensures that the information is correct and up to date, reducing payroll discrepancies.


Overtime has a significant impact on payroll costs. DOTS HR automates overtime reporting, allowing businesses to track and manage overtime hours. This feature is critical for businesses that must comply with labour laws and compensate employees accurately for extra hours worked.


A structured approval process is frequently required for effective attendance management. DOTS HR makes this process more efficient by allowing supervisors and HR personnel to review and approve attendance data. This ensures that all attendance records are correct and that any issues are addressed as soon as possible

Attendance Report

Access to comprehensive attendance summaries is essential for making informed decisions. DOTS HR offers detailed attendance summaries that provide insights into attendance trends and patterns. This feature assists businesses in making data-driven workforce management and attendance policy decisions.

Integration of Payroll

Payroll processing is inseparable from attendance data. DOTS HR integrates with payroll systems seamlessly, ensuring that attendance data is correctly reflected in payroll calculations. This integration reduces errors, increases efficiency, and ensures that employees are fairly compensated.

Biometric Integration

DOTS HR uses biometric integration to capture employee attendance with unrivalled accuracy. This technology eliminates the possibility of time theft and buddy punching, ensuring that attendance records are accurate.

DOTS HR: Your Next Time and Attendance Partner

DOTS HR is the gateway to attendance excellence. Being the Best attendance HR software, DOTS can help you optimize your workforce, ensure payroll accuracy, and navigate the dynamic business landscape with confidence.

The incorporation of biometric integration ensures precise recording of employee attendance. In addition, duty rosters are meticulously scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis. The system further offers the generation of comprehensive reports, encompassing overtime, undertime, absenteeism, and occurrences of late arrival, facilitating a comprehensive approach to attendance management.

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I want to convey my profound gratitude and respect for the ongoing business collaboration we have with DND Solutions. Right from the inception of our partnership, it became apparent that DND Solutions wasn't merely seeking a transactional engagement; rather, they were wholeheartedly dedicated to forging a strategic and mutually advantageous alliance. Furthermore, our partnership has been characterized by outstanding communication and transparency. DND Solutions consistently upheld an open and proactive channel of communication, ensuring that we were constantly kept in the loop regarding developments, obstacles, and prospects. Their exceptional expertise, unwavering dedication, and resolute commitment to delivering outstanding outcomes have unquestionably turned this partnership into a resounding success.


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