6 points to join your dots with DOTS HR.

From the very beginning of technology, humans have sought to eliminate manual labor in order to promote human prosperity by shifting attention to areas that are more crucial and necessitate the production of endorphins.

We have developed a variety of tools to comprehend commerce, individuals, and even human psychology. It reduces setup time and makes expanding the solutions simpler. Being productive in this way is ideal.

People believed that everything would collapse all at once in 2020 when there was uncertainty in the global economy due to a pandemic. But things changed in a snap of the finger . The workplace has changed from office rooms to remote locations, and technologies have advanced. To put it simply, business as a whole has made a huge leap forward.

Even small and medium-sized businesses are starting to adopt ERP software to manage daily business operations like finances, project management, and performance reports. An integrated, continuously updated picture of fundamental business processes is provided by
using a shared database maintained by a database management system. It makes itpossible for the operating team to keep tabs on resources like cash, capacity, productivity, orders, purchases, payroll, and more.

Companies are adopting cloud-based ERP software at a rate of 40% annually, which will quadruple by 2023. Employees are the core cornerstone of every company, hence human resources are essential to every organization. HR involves dealing with people and their
personal information, as well as extended working hours, benefits, bonuses, and statistics relating to their attendance, productivity, and more

We could offer additional support for the HR department in addition to the ERP software by using HR automation software. Automated software has many advantages for a company’s human resources department.

Benefits of HR automation with DOTS HR software
DOTS HR automation software does every essential characteristic of an HR software along with many more plus points. It is a true asset for a firm. Let’s see the important benefits of installing DOTS HR software into our business.

1.Simpler and effective integration
For any organization, the ideal system is one that is compact, error-free, simple to use, and economical. No company will sacrifice their ongoing development in order to implement a new system. Therefore, the new system that is being implemented for the company must first and foremost be easily integrated with other software that the organization currently
uses. Other ERPS like SAP, Oracle, and so forth can be merged with DOTS HR quite easily.Installation of DOTS HR to improve your HR department is not a nightmare for businesses who use other ERPS because the integration is quicker and easier.

AD integration
As the organization expands, the structural functionalities get more complex, and the administration of the workforce, projects, inputs, and outputs becomes tedious. A single switchboard for user data and access credentials is effectively created by active directory integration, which stores all of your user data in one location. Through a single dashboard, system administrators may quickly and effectively add or remove users, groups, and resources using Active Directory.

If the security and productivity of your business depend on precise, cen tralised, and cleanser data, then active directory integration is essential. Integration with Active Directory lessens your vulnerability to security risks while enabling you to dynamically match teams with crucial IT resources.

Data may be effortlessly sent across the organization—all the way to your financial statement—by using an integrated ERP system, which enables you to oversee every area of your business from a single application. Making informed decisions is made possible by integrating processes and information to boost efficiency.

ERP software is synchronised and connected to other programmes and data sources through ERP integration. ERP software integration provides you with a unified picture of information from several systems in real time.Companies using Microsoft Office and other similar team management software can easily integrate with DOTS HR.

Benefits of integration

  1. A completely automated process.
  2. Real-time data transmission
  3. Information from a single source.
  4. Adherence to regulations
  5. Mobile access
  6. Visual workflow
  7. optimization

2.Accurate and precise Wage Protection System(WPS)
An electronic salary transfer system called the Wages Protection System (WPS) enables organisations to pay employees’ wages through banks, bureaus of exchange, and other financial institutions that have been approved and permitted to offer the service.

Every employer that has registered with the Ministry of Human Resources is required to join the “Wages Protection System” and make all required payments to their employees through it. Employee salaries will be transferred under this system to their accounts at banks or other financial institutions that have been given permission by the Central Bank of the country to offer the service. Employers who use HR automation software have easier and simpler payment processes. No more clutches and clusters when transferring data, along with file format, data, and credentials.WPS is an independent procurement system that may be used alone or in conjunction with other ERP programmes like DOTS, SAP, Navision, Oracle, etc. One of its greatest advantages is its ability to be customized to your language. Because not everyone is fluent in international English, DOTS HR offers the Arabic version for the UAE, Qatar, SAUDI ARABIA and other similar countries. Terminologies, procedures, etc. can be customised to the preferred language.

3.Attendance and leave management
The HR department regularly monitors an employee’s performance, attendance, and productivity. Attendance is a crucial factor to not overlook because every minute counts. The HR software has a feature that enables employees to request leaves and regularise attendance directly from the platform. This guarantees that even when working remotely, the employee may simply submit requests.

The HR software can assist in marking attendance from a distance of 100 metres. Thanks to the effective use of geofencing. As a result, even if an employee must travel to the field for work, it is still simple for them to indicate their presence within a specified region.the attendance of multiple shifts, extra hour marking.

Biometric integration for staff capture, weekly/monthly duty planning. The generation of overtime, undertime, absence, late arrival, etc. The system enables HR managers to view and approve requests even when they are not in the office. HR on the go using the mobile application is one of the best advantage of the software.

4. Payroll and Efficient cost calculation
Payroll is without a doubt the HR manager’s most troublesome area. It requires hours and days of work to list employees, track their attendance, and calculate overtime, undertime, benefits, and bonuses. Definitely not after setting up HR automation software, this takes away errors and let your business to the right path. Project cost, amount spent on workforce, project based timesheet etc. may be marked separately for each project site and make the entire process easier and more straightforward with the integration of ERP with HR software.

5.Onboarding and employee experience
Onboarding is a broad concept that involves a hundred processes, including job design, ad strategy development, platform selection, resume sorting and filtering, interviews, role-based training, and finally system entry. It’s a time-consuming and exhausting endeavour, of course. However, with improved onboarding software, every item on the previously mentioned list is carried out perfectly and without a single error. Everything is data driven and digitised. This makes the entire onboarding process easier and quicker.this is how HR software soften your task of onboarding.

Through automation and integration, there are countless opportunities to enhance the working environment for employees.

The harmony between work and personal life is the source of the new comfort. Utilizing the repetitive, monotonous tasks that the software performs, automation gives workers more time. This enables them to quickly turn their attention to other pressing issues and strengthen the sectors that require further support. As a result, the overall employee
experience is improved. by simply installing a precise and efficient automation programme

6.Complete support post installation
DOTS HR is aware that walking alone on an unfamiliar path may not be comfortable for you. We will support you until your team is able to operate the programme independently. Integration of ERP and HR is a straightforward process. However, teams may become confused.

After installation, DOTS HR automation software can assist you fully until you are comfortable handling it on your own.

Automate your employee lifecycle and HR processes so you can work more efficiently. By doing away with manual data entry, you can better utilise your time. Our closed-loop procedures make sure that crucial activities are not missed.Keep yourself from becoming confused by the changing strategies and procedures needed to remain competitive in the modern business and economic world. To learn more about DOTS HR automation software, request your free demo today


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