Best 5 Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia 2024

In the payroll software industry in 2024, Saudi Arabia experienced a considerable change for the better caused by the country’s transition to digital reality and the necessity of effective solutions in payroll management. With the growth of businesses in the sector, it is essential to keep accurate labor law compliance records, perform proper compensation calculations, and abide by Saudization rules. For such endeavors, integrated payroll systems have become inevitable. These software solutions not only automate payment calculations and disbursement but also smoothly integrate with other HR functions, hence keeping HR compliant, lessening error chances, and enhancing general operation efficiency.

With more and more entrepreneurs deciding to establish their ventures and startups within the Kingdom, the payroll software industry is expected to perform a very crucial function which is to help businesses grow, not only by providing services to individuals and companies but also through management and operational support, all of which are in line with the demands of the internal market in Saudi Arabia.



Dots HR, beats all others in the business, providing services suitable for companies regardless of the size and type of their business. In cases where punctual and precise payment processing is necessary, Dots HR plays the role of an ace in the hole, which is utilized to ensure that employees are contented and retained, and eventually their financial well-being is safeguarded. To traditional firms with payroll personnel still using manual payroll systems, Organizations Dots HR has discovered a payroll system that gives the confidence required among workers by letting the employees use a welcoming and at the same time useful platform. DOTS HR’s payroll solution is specially systemized to be in line with Saudi labor laws, this top-notch system can handle the complex payroll needs of large companies with a variety of organizational structures.

Dots HR isn’t only software, rather, it’s a disruption-amounted-to-excellence that transitions payroll and HR services from simple to extraordinary in the blink of an eye. By designing a user-friendly and business-specific payroll venue, our Dots HR software helps employers maximize their time by reducing the hecticness of this process. Dots HR’s unrivaled performance and integrity make it the winner in payroll software in Saudi Arabia.

Key features of DOTS HR payroll software

  • Additions / Deductions
  • Loans And Advances
  • Over Time
  • Off-Cycle Payroll
  • Timesheet Integration
  • Multi-Location Payroll
  • Tardy Report
  • Pay Slip Emailing
  • WPS (Wage Protection System)
  • Leave Settlement
  • Project-Based Timesheet
  • Payroll Approval
  • Final Settlement


Zimyo, a major world company in the area of HRMS and payroll solutions is providing its Services to organizations in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region. The company’s offerings range from HR and payroll management, optimization of performance, time, and attendance tracking to employee engagement facilities. Employing an interface that is easy to use, Zimyo behaves well complies with GCC’s regulations, avoids manual errors, and provides users with multiple payment options. The one that was founded in 2018, Zimyo enables organizations to simplify their payroll mechanisms.


With the payroll software from Saudi Arabia as the leading competitor, Bayzat become part of the daily vocabulary in the region, due to its locally produced solutions designed for the particular needs of Arabian businesses. Much like other locally developed payroll software, it is evidence of the level of innovation and adaptability that this payment management software possesses in terms of the diverse needs of national businesses.

In addition to the fact that the mentioned platform is a great power in payroll processing, Bayzat allows professionals in the human resources sphere to operate freely with maximum convenience and accessibility. From gathering insights to offering humanizing solutions, Bayzat does not only provide payroll software but comes as a revolutionary partner in the market who can tailor and develop solutions that not only meet but exceed current tech standards.

4. PalmHR

By virtue of the fact that PalmHR is first and foremost focused on the precise solution, we can offer an accuracy guarantee. In addition, PalmHR can take advantage of the latest technology which can plug human errors in manual payroll processing. This ensures that all computations from emolument payments to addition, subtractions, and deductions as well as E-Tax and regulatory deductions are computed and deducted properly.

The all-encompassing services not only include payroll processing but also deal with the other predicaments that make up the HR manager’s complex role in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The solution function automatically uploads and validates employees’ pay records, and generates final detailed reports after approval on every aspect of payroll administration, which saves on management resources and time for businesses.


One of the strong sides of GreytHR is its breakthrough customization option which allows users to tailor the platform for their specific needs. Thanks to its user-friendly design, the HR staff can easily insert different financial components and vary salary structures on the platform in a bit of a walk, which makes it even more adaptable to the changing requirements of the company. This level of adaptability not only improves organizations’ efficiency but also guarantees that based on each client’s particular needs, the processes of payroll remain aligned.

GreytHR transforms payroll software and evolves into a reliable assistant for the market of payroll management in Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries, which provides customers with the facilities of the origin related to the administration of payroll. By using a unique combination of the latest technology, legislation compliance experience, and customizable options, GreytHR allows companies to easily manage payroll and achieve unrivaled precision simultaneously.


The perspective frame of human resources software application that demands accuracy and efficiency is where Dots HR unequivocally takes up the lead. The binoculars stand out in the market of Saudi Arabia’s business world with its three characteristics: user-friendly design, rich features, and absolute accuracy. Although Bayzat, PalmHR, and GreytHR are also doing their best, the smooth integration and holistic assistance Dots HR can provide have proved to be superior in ensuring a highly enjoyable payroll experience, which in turn allows businesses to operate smoothly.

Organizations that choose Dots HR are not only utilizing the latest payroll software but are also beginning an exciting path to improved productivity and compliance. Through Dots HR leadership, companies get the opportunity to effectively manage their payroll issues and hence, employee satisfaction is achieved premised on growth.


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