Best Employee Leave Management Software in Saudi Arabia

Effective leave management goes beyond simply tracking absences. It encompasses a comprehensive system for handling all employee time-off requests, including vacation, sick leave, emergencies, parental leave, and business travel. This system should align with your specific business needs to ensure smooth operations and employee satisfaction..

Still, this new age of business has not had traditional techniques for leave management for all sorts of things ranging from handling the continual stream of requests to frantically searching for Excel spreadsheets. Do you know what by any chance exists? This only results in disastrous effects such as; problems in payroll processing and handling, legal issues, lack of resources, and even inefficiency among the employees.

It’s high time that you also adopted this culture of reduced business pressure as the field is gradually shifting away from being too strained due to automation. What do you have that is still challenging you there?

DOTS HR Software is an efficient and trusted Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for Saudi-based organizations that has the option of a leave management system.

How DOTS HR Employee Leave Management Will Help You

The DOTS HR employee leave management system aims to uphold various regulations of Saudi Arabia that pertain to employees’ leave rights. They enable organizations to set up leave policies and regulations in tune with Saudi Arabia’s labor laws and regulations and the ordinances concerning diverse types of leaves which include annual leave, sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, and others. The system effectively handles aspects relating to leave accrual, applicability, and entitlement as per the legal provisions as stated in KSA labor laws.

In addition to this, DOTS HR deals with records of the request, approvals, and balances of the employee’s leave transactions to ensure compliance reports. This can prove useful particularly when there are inspections or issues relating to leave management policies. Such a mechanism allows organizations to track leave use and trends, flag violations or irregularities, and correct them before they become a problem. To facilitate organizations, the HR professionals can prepare a report focusing on leave practice compliance with the Saudi Labor Law that also includes minimum requirements for leave, carry-forward provisions, and other details relating to special types of leave like pilgrimage leave or emergency leave, etc.

Leave policy is not merely about providing leaves; it is about educating the employees of organizations about their rights on the one hand and facilitating them to take leaves as per their wishes on the other. Like most other countries of the world, the workers of Saudi Arabia are also eligible to several types of leaves, holidays, and vacations. To this extent, in this article, we have explained the leaves in Saudi Arabia in detail besides providing some simple calculations.
As per the Saudi Labor Law, the employees will have the following leaves :

  • Annual leave
  • Paid leave
  • Unpaid leave
  • Sick leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Special leaves (Hajj Leave)
  • Compassionate leave
  • Marriage leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Examination leave
  • Iddah leave
  • Official Public holiday

Top Features of Employee Leave Management System in DOTS HR Software


    DOTS HR Software comes with an online leave request template that enables the employee to make leave requests online via the HR self-service. The template can include all the essential fields like leave type, the date the leave starts as well as the date it ends, the reason for the leave, and any additional comments, which makes the process of leaving request more formal and efficient.


    DOTS HR Software ensures that the application for leave is a simplified process such that employees can apply for the same by clicking on icons. The leave application can be automatically routed through a pre-defined approval process and hence the entire experience is seamless for for the employee as well as the manager.


    The leave management module in DOTS HR Software is designed to be simple and easy to navigate for the employees. This would mean that the employees can submit their leave applications, check the balances on their leave accounts, and monitor the status of their applications easily.


    DOTS HR Software’s leave management is efficient in timely organization control and consequently, the control of team member availability to management, allowing for optimized organizational efficiency. This feature allows the identification of some problems just in time and resource management that would otherwise have been disrupted by absent employees.

    DOTS HR Software always ensures that there are exact and correct records of the current leave balances, flexibility in adding accrual rates, practical leaves taken, and carry forward provisions. It enables the employees to view all their remaining leave balances so that they are aware of their available leave days The employees can also be aware of their remaining vacation days to avoid requesting days that are not available As for the managers, it enables them to be updated and approve or reject employment leave based on the available balances.

    Leave reports in DOTS HR Software are updated on a real-time basis to help the organization understand the patterns, frequency, and problems associated with the leaves availed by the employees. These reports not only allow the managers and HR professionals to study the leave trends but also to address the issues about leave and organizational workforce management effectively. Also The Leave and Attendance Track (TAS) report of DOTS HR Software is a useful tool in tracking employee attendance and leave patterns through features such as an absentees list, add user employee link, attendance card column, Attendance exception report, attendance register, attendance summary, attendance timesheet, attendance sheet, attendance reports, early leave, employee wise overtime summary report, latecomers, leave history, leave report, missing break punch report, OT Approval report, pending OT approval report, roster report, Saturday attendance report, shortage hour report, Unprocess attendance.


    In DOTS HR Software, companies can incorporate and put into operation their leave policies. By integrating this feature, it becomes easy to manage leave requests, accruals, and approvals holistically to ensure they meet desired organizational standards as well as maintain order in all departments and sub-locations.


    The leave management system of DOTS HR Software is another aspect that can be highlighted here as it allows organizations to set up various attendance rules as per their needs. The features such as adding holidays, Assigning weekly roster, attendance settings, holidays, Ramadan, Shift creation, Shift upload, View shift, View Ramadan redid, view weekly roster, etc.


DOTS HR Software has made an outstanding recommendation for the best employee leave management system for organizations which are based in KSA. DOTS HR can guarantee that organizations practicing it can support and achieve adequate management of staff members’ leave plans and execution based on Saudi Arabia’s regulations for the workforce since it can help tailor leave policies, automate the accrual of leaves, and determination of entitlement, and record-keeping for verification purposes. Enhanced by the user-friendly interface, effective approval flow, and comprehensive reporting feature, the system brings flexibility, visibility, and data analytical advantage for an efficient leave management process. Replacing conventional methods and perceptions with DOTS HR Software, organizations can effectively manage leave, minimize risks, and ensure employees’ satisfaction, thus improving the overall performance and achievement of their goals in the Saudi market.


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