How can geofencing benefit employers and employees of an organisation?

geofencing benefit employers and employees of an organisation

Every successful organisation has one thing in common – a group of committed employees. The more an organisation benefits its employees, the less employee turnover value one has to face. Technology has advanced in every area of expertise. For businesses and organisations, Geofencing was introduced in the late 90s. Geofencing is a quickly growing technology that can be used by organizations to ensure the safety and productivity of their employees. It is a virtual perimeter that utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to mark geographical boundaries. Companies can use geofencing to limit access to certain areas, track employee movements, and provide an extra layer of data security. Moreover, by using geofencing, businesses can gain real-time visibility into the whereabouts of their employees, making it a powerful tool for increasing employee productivity, security, and accountability. Geofencing solutions can provide a range of benefits to employers.

Employees can be better tracked and monitored, allowing organizations to identify and prevent any potential safety issues. Moreover, geofencing solutions can be used to improve internal communication by providing employees with quick updates on any relevant changes.

Furthermore, geofencing solutions have been shown to reduce the amount of time it takes employees to complete tasks, as they can be directed faster towards the necessary locations. When tracking their work hours and making sure that they are truly where they say they are, employees who work remotely on construction sites or who are always on the go, like drivers, confront obstacles and issues. Therefore, GPS-enabled software and mobile applications that provide remote time monitoring and geofencing can offer a suitable solution.

Geofencing can provide an organisation with the following benefits:

  • Determine the precise position of the device using latitude and longitude
  • Real-time tracking of the movement of the device 
  • Obtain the location’s address
  • Create geofences for each fence with a radius 
  • Receive alerts whenever a device enters or quits a geofence

When organisations start taking care of the employees and their presence, they will develop a positive working environment. Adapting to technology that can benefit and take care of the employees working in your organisation, can make them work more committedly towards the organisational goals. The use of geofencing for safety checks is the most advantageous one for employee security. Employers might ask for routine safety inspections from their staff. Hourly, daily, or at predetermined intervals throughout the day, you are free to request them as often as you wish. Only inside the geofence may these safety inspections be performed. When employee safety is given such a high priority, it reflects well on the corporate culture. Employees are thus more open and trustworthy with management.

Geofencing can help the management and the employees to make their work more productive, systematic and efficient at the same time. It can ensure the tracking and safety of each and every employee in the organisation. With geofencing, the work doesn’t restrict only to indoors. Setting a certain radius through the fence can make work possible in outdoors too.

Geofencing confirms that someone has visited a certain place. This capability is especially useful if you operate remote or unattended installations. Geofencing forces visitors to be near a site before they can sign in, ensuring that a person has visited that spot. A utility provider may utilise this functionality, for example, if they needed proof that a contractor had physically attended a work site and wanted to know when that contractor signed in (arrived) and signed out (left).

Below given are the benefits of geofencing for employees:

  • Enhanced workforce productivity
  • Employees’ real-time attendance monitoring procedure has been simplified.
  • Transparency in the employee attendance management procedure
  • Employee productivity may be tracked in real-time.
  • Developed to assist companies of all sizes
  • Detailed reports for the quick staff attendance analysis
  • Integrate attendance data with payroll and leave modules with ease

The demand for geofencing has increased in recent times. Businesses and managers have started to adopt geofencing to make the workplace environment more productive and systematic. DOTS is an automated HR software specially designed for GCC countries, to lay aside manual efforts and switch to automation. DOTS can automate all your daily duties and introduce you to a less hassle day. It helps in managing people, processes and data. It is used by firms of all kinds and sizes to help managers and staff to perform more efficiently by eliminating mistakes, maintaining compliance, and enhancing productivity. With more than 1000+ satisfied clients, DOTS has proven to create a dynamic, quickly evolving workplace. Your business requires the best technology not only to benefit the HR managers but also your employees, for that DOTS can be the option for you to choose. Get better at managing your employees and duties with DOTS. Book a free demo now!



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