Geofencing: What is it and how it works

In this era of increased development of modern technologies, there are now easier ways to solve managerial challenges with recently evolved modifications. If you are at the situation where you presume that marking of attendance is being a daunting task or if you are looking for a good & reliable way of flecking attendance then it is high time you equip Geofencing onto your organization.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is the act of creating a virtual boundary around a geographic area which helps in tracking the employee knock in and out. It helps to create boundaries within your organization’s premises. Geofencing works with a GPS system and helps you to mark the area on the map which then further helps to orbit that particular emplacement.  It helps to make sure that the employees are working on the scheduled territories. You can define fences or territories according to the employee or HR requirements. Geofencing enables you to create multiple bounds within the entailed geographic area. Besides, geofencing provides with real time notification if the punch arises outside the fence.It can improve employee satisfaction and lessen the employee turnover ratio. Geo-fencing allows you to do more than just clock in and clock out. It will allow you to track the whereabouts of your employees in real-time and run a number of security checks after the GPS position to make sure everything is satisfactory within the premises.

Why Geofencing?

Based on the GPS technology it administers the presence of the employees inside the marked fence. Geofencing works within your cellphones tracking and makes you visible on the market fence. The managers can delineate the required area on the map. This way it creates a way to track the employee presence around the area. Geofencing is considered to be a great advantage working on, in-site or hybrid mode.

What are the benefits of Geofencing?

Implementing geofencing into your organization can maintain an efficient movement of HR duties. It can lessen the challenges faced by the managers regarding the employee attendance. Apart from that, Geofencing can provide many other benefits such as:

  • Helps in tracking employee hours per project or the location of the job.
  • Helps in tracking employee mileage that assists in company reimbursement.
  • Locates who punches in or out the authorized location.
  • Avoids chances of false time keeping.
  • Keeps a track of accurate payroll.
  • Boosts HR efficiency.
  • Helps to enable on-site working.

Enhances proper transparency between employees.

Is geofencing required for your company?

Whether it be a startup or a small business, attendance management is truly one of the most ineluctable features. Poor attendance can result in lack of efficiency and fall in lack of productivity which may result in lesser revenue which will affect the organization in the long run. If you as a manager want to free up the mundane task of tracking the attendance of each employee, geofencing is highly recommended. Next, if you want to improve transparency between employees and flexible working genre, implementing geofencing is the next thing you should do.

Will geofencing work for every industry?

Yes, you can implement geofencing irrespective of any industry. Given that things are rapidly changing in the modern technology world, automation is the key to stand out from the crowd. Geofencing can work independent of an organizations size. The main focus of geofencing is to free up the hassle task of tracking the attendance which applies for mostly every organization. HRs and employees only require internet connection for a safe and sound attendance management around the organization. So whether your organization is based on manufacturing, healthcare, security, construction, real estate geofencing can be put onto action irrespective of the industry.

How does geofencing benefit the employees?

Geofencing helps in maintaining and tracking the data management of every employee in the organization. This helps in avoiding the errors when it comes to payroll processing. The employees can have 24\7 access to knock in and out at any time of the day. Introducing geofencing into your organization can improve the transparency between the employee and managers. Also, the employees can work from anywhere within the geographic area which makes the work mundane free. It can also provide consolidated report on employee attendance. In case of any problems employees can send real time notification from the mobile app and the managers can also give informations and alerts to the employees within the parameter.


DOTS is a HR and Payroll software which acts as a multi-platform support system for maintaining an organization’s salient features which includes- attendance, payroll, time off, HR on the go and many more features. DOTS undertakes as the main corner of every organization which helps for smooth ongoing in between employees and the managers. DOTS HR has now introduced automated attendance system or Geofencing. With DOT’s GPS based attendance system, roaming or remote staff can mark attendance from any approved geo location. The multi-location management system enables multiple locations traceable with time and location stamps.

If you are still looking for a manageable resource to track the employee attendance then DOTS HR is the right solution for you. Opt for DOTS HR and provide yourself a hassle free work!

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